• Location: 2F
  • Reservation: 08-8862323


Cocktails, beverage, and snacks NT$70+10% (up)
A0la carte $300up (Only for midnight)
Buffet style(Only for midnight)
Adult NT$200/per person 0.Child NT$110/per person

‧All prices are subject to 10% service charge.Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
‧Children: 110cm~140cmor 6-12 year-old(required document)
‧Not combine with other discounts.
‧Free validated parking when dining at the restaurant
‧Holidays def: Saturdays & Sundays and Special holiday- refers to the Definition of F&B Holidays
‧Corkage charge: NT$300 / bottle of beer or wine; NT$500/ bottle of spirits.
‧"Do not drink and drive!"

Opening Hours

Snacks and Beverages:11:30~22:30



※Definition of F&B Holidays
1.Holidays:July.Aug.Mon~Sun & Saturdays, Sundays of other month.
2.National Holidays and Special Holidays(New Year, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat,Mid-Autumn
Holidays, Christmas’Eve, New Year’s Eve and special events at hotel)
2017/12/24 2017 Christmas’Eve
2017/12/31、2018/12/31 New Year’s Eve
2017/12/30-2018/01/01 New Year Holidays
2018/02/15-2018/02/20 Chinese New Year Holidays
2018/04/04-2018/04/07 Tomb-sweeping Holidays
2018/06/16-2018/06/17 Dragon Boat Holidays
2018/09/22-2018/09/23 Mid-Autumn Holidays
2018/12/29-2019/01/01 New Year Holidays
* Note: We reserve the right to modify the services